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Hey! Let your honesty shine, shine, shine [userpic]

August 17th, 2006 (02:01 am)

So I went to Vermont with Jen from Monday until this evening and I got a lot out of it. To elaborate on a lot, I got to give "Chase GAPman" my phone number, I got to call people about a trillion times and not even know about it because I was so out of my skull, and I finally got the chance to know what wine flavored vomit smells like when it's stuck in your nose.

The entire thing was invigorating. Even the way home when we drove an hour in the wrong direction. Cheers, Jen Winters.

Also, tonight was Nicky's last night in town. We went to his place and I swam in my underwear and was gang banged by the most exclusive members of the Homosexual-Firefighting-pansy-knicker's Club (Tom Nick and Bob) and then Aaron saved me but not really because he just dipped me underwater. Fucking traitor. The real gays are always the ones you gotta look out for, little do you know.

I'm talking such complete nonsense right now.
Nicky, have fun at Cornell. And give your roommate my number.